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F.F.O. Risse – Technique and Seminars

One day course - an introduction
                 of the F.F.O. Risse – Technique


  1. Theory of mechanics
    Theory of science
    Relativity of both
    Their applicability in reality
    Their applicability in mechanical systems
  2. Science of biologic systems
    Science of a mechanical system
    Presentation of F.F.O. – Risse mechanics
  3. The slot, its dominance
    - for the mechanical system
    - for biologic activities
  4. Case reports.


Two days course:

Additionally to the one day – course:
- Relation of orthodontics and myofunction.
- Additionally more case demonstrations.
- Practical exercises.


For seminars:

Institute of Biofunctional Orthodontics IBO
Dr. Georg Risse
Ibbenbürener Str. 12
49545 Tecklenburg

Tel. 05482-929998
Fax: 05482-929999



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